Environmental Port Index: New Friend of the SEA Index ®

Monaco, March 10, 2023

The Superyacht Eco Association (SEA Index) and Environmental Port Index (EPI) are proud to announce their new partnership as the latter officially becomes a Friend of the SEA Index. This collaboration is a demonstration of the common goals shared by cross-sector initiatives to achieve greater sustainability in recreational boating, regardless of vessel size.

EPI is a user-friendly reporting tool that helps ship owners and port operators navigate towards positive environmental change. By focusing on the operational and environmental benefits of following best practices in port sustainability, EPI empowers ships and ports to secure a better future not just for their individual businesses, but also for the industry, society, and planet as a whole.

M. Even Husby, EPI CEO comments:

“The SEA Index’s focus on the energy efficiency of superyachts complements EPI’s focus on the environmental performance of cruise ships. We are enthusiastic about our partnership with the SEA Index. We look forward to exploring how the two organisations can collaborate to reduce emissions in ports and beyond.”

The SEA Index CO2 comparison tool for superyachts is based on the EEDI IMO and provides superyacht owners with a snapshot of their yacht’s energy intensity, enabling them to make more informed purchasing and chartering decisions.

Natalie Quévert, SEA Index project leader, believes that by connecting with other initiatives such as EPI, the association is creating an ecosystem that supports superyacht owners in various contexts and locations. The ties with the Yacht Club de Monaco ensure that all superyacht owners have access to information needed to make informed decisions.

The Superyacht Eco Association, originated by the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse, is paving the way for a more sustainable future in yachting. The association and its SEA Index CO2 yacht comparison tool are at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of superyachts. Forward thinking private yacht owners, corporate members, and friends of the SEA Index form a dedicated community, committed to spreading awareness and finding solutions to reduce carbon emissions. By joining this movement, superyacht owners can take an important step towards a more responsible yachting experience.

Even Husby, CEO - Environmental Port Index
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