Monaco Marina Management becomes latest Friend of the SEA Index ®

Monaco, NOVEMBER 2, 2022

The Superyacht Eco Association is pleased to announce MONACO MARINA MANAGEMENT as latest SEA Index Friend.

M. José Marco Casellini, CEO of MONACO MARINA MANAGEMENT, comments: 

“MONACO MARINA MANAGEMENT is geared toward designing, building, and managing the marinas of the future and better-defined Smart Marinas by placing them alongside the nerve centre of coastal life coordination that finds its expression in the Yacht Clubs of the future. Our goal is to create the use of coastal life and yacht clubs of the future in tune with the oceans and coastal areas while preserving them as best as possible by using all possible present and future technological innovations to ensure environmentally sustainable and ocean-friendly development. We wish to create Smart Marinas run by innovative Yacht Clubs that are in tune with the environment and can accommodate the superyachts of the future that are also more environmentally friendly (smart yachts), and we consider the Sea Index to be an essential and benchmark for our activities. For all these reasons we strongly support the work developed by the Sea Index constituents and are pleased to be part of it”.

The SEA Index ® (Superyacht Eco Association) extended its memberships to include Friends of the SEA Index category in 2021. The goal is to unite like-minded people who support the initiative, or through their own activities are mitigating the environmental impact of Superyachts. This includes stakeholders who do not necessarily own, build, manage or refit motoryachts.latest

President of the SEA Index M. Bernard d’Alessandri comments:

 “As part of the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach, the SEA Index and Superyacht Eco Association initiative is now a growing ecosystem of multi-disciplinary stakeholders in the yachting industry keen to build a responsible yachting sector. Each new member is bringing their own expertise to the Monégasque edifice, contributing yachting innovations and practices that are less impactful on the environment. We are very proud to count Monaco Marina Management as a Friend of the SEA Index. We look forward to collaborating with them because to develop new generation yachts with no carbon footprint we need to encourage development of virtuous marinas with the right facilities to accommodate them. The whole ecosystem needs to be involved. We will of course be carrying the necessary SEA Index message of more energy efficient superyachts within and beyond Monaco”.

As a reminder, the SEA Index ® tool assesses the carbon intensity (CO2 emissions per gross tonne/ per hour) of motor yachts over 40m based on the installed power of their engines and generators. The pioneering tool a first in the industry, includes the typical operating profile of a yacht (time cruising, manoeuvring and at berth or at anchor).  Innovative propulsion systems, alternative fuels, hybrid and battery-based propulsion systems can also be accounted for.

The SEA Index ® is a proud Ambassador of the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting initiative.

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